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Niloofar - Iranian Hand Made and Persian Handcraft Trading
Iranian Cultural Arts, Handicrafts and Furniture. Wooden, Stone, Glass, Carpet etc. Exporter of Iran handicrafts, Middle east Handicrafts Furniture.
Iran Kilims, Hand made Glass & Bamboo
Persian Kilims, Rugs, Iran kilim - Handmade glass - Iran Bamboo (Bambou) - Bamboo garden in Iran - Iran handicraft & Furniture, Khatam, Minakari, Ceramics & Blue Beads
Ravat's Persian Carpet Gallery
Persian Carpets and Kilims - new and antique. Nomadic, village and studio carpets.
Iran Carpet Syndication
Iran Carpet Company has more than 70 years experience in field of weaving, producing and Trading hand woven carpets.
Iran Union for Furniture Exporters
Home & Office Furniture Exporters Union.

Iran Glass - handicrafts and glass products
Founded in 1936, Iran Glass is the oldest large scale glass manufacturing company in the Middle East.
Deco Design
We want to expand business in Iran, so we need business information of Iranian companies.
dddesign [at] dataone . in
Importer of Iranian Handicrafts
We want to import Iranian kilims, Glasses, miniature and handicraft items to the USA.
eric [at] lagunabeachfinancial . com
Mart Overseas Limited
we want to sell Jute Yarn: CB, CRM, CRT, CRX, Hessian, Sacking quality is available from 4 lbs to 48 lbs in single or multiple twists.
mart [at] citech . net
Importer of Iranian Handicrafts
We want to import Iranian handicraft items to UK.
hamira4ag [at] yahoo . co. uk
Bonus Mobilya, Furniture, Kitchen
We manufacture kitchen - bathroom cabinets, laminate worktops, laminate doors, frame doors, pvc edgebanding doors, etc.