1390 Companies to Attend Tehran Oil Show
16th International Oil, Gas, Refining, and Petrochemical Exhibition will open in Tehran on April 15
So far participation of 40 countries at the 16th International Oil, gas, refining and petrochemical exhibition in Tehran has been made certain and the number of local and foreign companies attending the exhibition has climbed to 1390, head of the public relations department of the Iran s ministry of petroleum Hosain Porsan said here on Tuesday, April 5.

During a news briefing, Mr. Porsan said 1390 companies from Iran and other countries will attend the exhibition of which 460 companies are coming from abroad and the rest are Iranian companies.

Stating that the 16th International Oil, Gas, Refining And Petrochemical Exhibition is holding from 16th to 19th April 2011 at the Tehran international permanent fairground, the official noted that despite intensifying sanctions against our country, the exhibition had faced with unprecedented welcome from companies.

Director General of the petroleum ministry s public relations department went on to say that we were witnessing some differences when the upcoming exhibition is compared with previous years exhibitions including rising the presence of foreign companies by 22 percent.

While a few days have still remained to kicking off the exhibition, it is expected that growing number of local and foreign companies to register for attending the fair, the official noted.

According to Porsan, some countries including Germany, Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, England, France, Holland, India, Japan, Norway, Russian, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Swiss, Turkey, Taiwan, Thailand and United Arab Emirates(the coast of Persian Gulf) will attend the exhibition.

Referring to presence of 164 companies from China at the exhibition, the official said that the number of Chinese companies had increased by 50 percent in comparison to the last year exhibition.

Porsan also pointed out that the number of England participant companies had increased by 90 percent, Italian companies by 80 percent and Korean and Indian by 90 percent. He aconcluded that the number of Sweden participant companies had climbed threefold, Canadian companies fivefold and Spanish companies sevenfold.