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Iran Bitumen
We are first hand Bitumen buyer as a certified broker in Iran Bitumen Market. With our own drumming plant near JEY refinery in Isfahan, we believe our prices would be the most competitive in Iran's market, since you will experience "no middle-man" with us.
Iran Bitumen (Asphalt) for road construction
Rubber and Plastics
Rubber and Plastics, Supplement and Production, Refinery Services. Iran Plastics and Rubber Industry
Global Technology Partner for Food, Chemical processing & Die casting
Pasta Production, PET Recycling, Printing Inks, Color Sorting, Extrusion Systems, Grain Silos, Brewing, Malting, Rice Milling, Plant Design & Construction, Chemicals, SSM, Premixes, Polycondensation
www.buhlergroup.com/ - Iran Contact: info at buhlerteh dot com
Alborz Plastic
Manufacturer of plastics toys and household goods. Send mail to Payam@iran-export.com
Iranian Plastics Industry Magazine
Includes news and articles, buyer's guide, links, event calendar and editorial.
Iran Polymer and Petrochemical Institute
Preparation of Synthetic Wood by Using Recycle Papers and Plastics. Investigation of Electroplating of Plastics and Improvement of Adhesion Between ...
Iranplast :: Your Key Partner In Iran Plastic Industry
We believe in different needs in the plastic products. Ice Chest & Cooler, Folding Crates, Plastic Pallets, Waste Bins ...
SENUR Elk. Mot. San. Tic. A.S.
We are looking for plastic raw materials suppliers and/or exporters.
bora [at] senur . com . tr
Powder Tech Enterprise
We are the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) of the cold process (Pre-Disperse master-batch) accelerator, antioxidant and all kind of chemicals, pigment and oxide for general rubber industries.
plfoo209 [at] yahoo . com
Taiwan - acrylic, optical board, etc.
We are a leading manufacturer of Cast Acrylic Sheets in Taiwan.
Bee chems, Indian Company
We serve to the needs of colloidal silica, alumina, silica gel, activated alumina, carbon dioxide absorbents, clay desiccants, moisture protection solutions, etc.