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Exhibitions and business events are the most effective direct marketing strategy for companies. So the point which exhibition/trade shows you attend, how you attend and how you express your company, becomes more important. Every single penny you spend on a business event and business trip, counts for your business and should be in a positively effective way.

Booth registration comes in few simple steps while you decided which event is proper for your business:

  • fill the registration form below
  • we will send you full information on space availability, regulations, schedules, construction guides etc
  • you pay directly to the organizer or use our trust-pay service
  • we will fetch all the participation, design, equipping and travel documents to you

Our services will not end here. you will also be able to use our stand design and business travel packages.


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If you are not sure, which exhibition suits your business field, what marketing services will give you the most positive feedback, or if you have questions about local market conditions, let us have your information and consult you.

First session will be FREE and most of our proposals are based on revenue sharing and cost-wise (zero management fee)