Business Travel Packages

IRXP, Your knowledgeable friend for Business Travels.

We present different services to business events' visitors and exhibitors to help them find peace of mind during their business trip.

No need to worry about visa, transfer (airport and in city), hotel reservation, hiring a translator or an exhibition guide etc.

you can choose our affordable travel packages and enjoy your trip to your destination, in any country among our listed service regions and countries.

- How to pay for services?
We start the visa application process right after you filled the form (free of charge). After visa confirmation, you will be instructed to pay a down-payment. Balance will be cleared upon your first day of arrival, or against full set of documents and vouchers.

- What if there is no hotel available?
You can choose one of our luxurious apartments in some of the destinations.

- Have Peace of mind when you are visiting a city for business purpose.

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If you are not sure, which exhibition suits your business field, what marketing services will give you the most positive feedback, or if you have questions about local market conditions, let us have your information and consult you.

First session will be FREE and most of our proposals are based on revenue sharing and cost-wise (zero management fee)