Flights To shiraz

Flights To Shiraz

Book a flight to Shiraz with us and get ready for a memorable Persian adventure. Home to the centuries-old craft of Persian rug weaving, Shiraz oozes art – from buildings embellished with intricate mosaics, to well-manicured rose gardens. For more than 2,000 years, it has been the cultural and literary cornerstone of Iran. The city gave birth to some of the nation’s most revered poets, writers and philosophers, including Hafez and Sa’adi.

Founded by Darius the Great, Shiraz quickly became one of the most important cities in Iran and, during the Zand Dynasty, was the country’s capital. Despite its history, etched on exquisite mosques and found in remnants of the ancient world, Shiraz has plenty to offer 21st-century visitors.

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